Cheddar Gorge

Waterfall : Cheddar Gorge Waterfall Features

Date : Whenever I am driving down that way

Time of Year : Anytime – spring, summer or autumn

Walk Level : Moderate

Timescale: Full day



Cheddar Gorge – One of my all time fave spots to visit. Viewed this delightful village and it’s feature waterfall in 1985. Plenty to do in the village but I am saddened to see that the hotel where I spent my honeymoon weekend has now closed down. The shops are sparse this time of year but there is still life in the village and a very nice pub serving delicious meals.

Additional Features – 274 steps to the gorge summit – phew!!!

Gough’s Cave

The White Hart Public House

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

The Gorge View Holiday Apartments

Wookey Hole

– Wells Cathedral

– Campsites

Can’t beat nature! Camped out with the girls

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